Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

The Torian Guard
Valadon's Elite Advisors


The tall, blond Torian is Valadon's 3rd in charge and Remare's sparring partner.  Although taciturn, his golden green eyes miss nothing.  He and his wife, Cyra, are communications experts and have been friends with Miranda for years.  He is well liked by the other Torians for his dry sense of humor. 

One of the oldest Torians, the dark haired vampire is Valadon's chief enforcer.   His instincts are nonpareil earning him the nickname The Bloodhound.  Highly perceptive, he works mainly with Bastien, and together they investigate Valadon's adversaries.  An avid NY Rangers fan, he and Bastien coach a young hockey team.


Sexy, but deadly sleuth, Bastien will take on the most furtive cases that not even his fellow Torians will be aware of.  Often putting his life in danger, his cunning in infiltrating enemy territories is respected by the other Torians.  Bastien has secrets that only Valadon is aware of, however, his sacrifices to his lord have cost him dearly.


The youngest member of Valadon's elite fighting force, Tristan is one of the best marksmen in the Torians.  His long, ebony hair is often a source of merriment among his other Torians and his demented sense of humor has been known to get him in trouble.  

His prized possession is his Bugatti motorcycle, but his love affair with a former Torian left deep scars that have yet to heal.


The computer expert is adept at obtaining crucial information concerning Valadon's enemies.  Happily married to Bree, another computer tech, they are able to provide data to the enforcers so that their missions are successful.  Valadon calls him, his "anchor." 


A former Russian agent that Remare was able to procure from a brutal vampire lord.  In gratitude for her liberty, she has served Valadon as one of his best spies.  The beautiful blond vampire is cunning in obtaining information on members of the HOL.  Although called The Ice Queen by her fellow Torians, she has been one of Remare's lovers on and off for decades.


Katya is also a former Russian spy that Remare rescued on a mission that went bad.  Nearly as beautiful as Irina with her dark hair and eyes, but not as cold, the two are often sent on missions together that have never failed.  She is Irina's and Remare's sometime lover, but recognizes a restlessness in Remare that few others have noticed.