Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

Main Characters

Lord Valadon

Former Minister of Finance for the Vampire High Court (VHC), nearly 1200 years old and a Blueblood—a purebred vampire, Valadon is the handsome, mysterious and powerful CEO of ValCorp and leader of the vampires in NYC.  However, Valadon's attraction to the human, Miranda Crescent, will cause major conflicts as a Blueblood vampire can only mate with another member of vampire royalty.  Yet, Valadon's feelings for Miranda increase with each passing moment.

Miranda Crescent

Professor Miranda Crescent is an authenticator of rare works of art.  While working on one of Valadon's rare paintings she meets the enigmatic and seductive vampire.  She is both attracted to Valadon, yet fears his power, but finds herself being pulled deeper into the hidden world of vampire politics. As an Elemental, she has control over the elements and will use her power to help Valadon defeat his enemies.


Almost 1000 years old and former ambassador to the VHC, Remare is Valadon’s charismatic and sexy second in command.  As leader of the Torians he is ruthless in hunting down Valadon's enemies, but despite his loyalty to his lord, he becomes intrigued with Miranda, who tempts him in ways he never imagined.
Nephew of Lord Valadon, the fun-loving Nick has no interest in either politics or finance. The sensitive, but intelligent Nick enjoys studying art history with Miranda at NYU and living the life of a college student.  However, unknown to his powerful uncle, he has become romantically involved with a female Were, a decision that could cost him his lineage as well as his life.

Lizandra Wells 

Queen of the Black Star Clan of werewolves, Lizandra is one of Lord Valadon's strongest allies and with her army of enforcers she will assist Valadon when necessary.  Her inner circle includes her best friend, Miranda, and her lover Gavin.  She manages the underground sanctuary known as Werehaven, located in Central Park.  Her main concern is the Red Claw Clan, who has made it known they want her territory.  Bring it on!

One of the few turned vampires at ValCorp, Gabriel, a medical doctor, often treats the Torians when they become injured fighting their enemies.  A long time friend of Valadon, the vampire lord turned him when he was near death after an attack by Rogues.  He spends most of his time in his lab searching for a way to reverse the vampire process in hopes of one day becoming human again.  His budding relationship with Miranda inspires his hope of success.