Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

Black Star Clan Werewolves


Lizandra's second in command, aka The Red Wolf and sometime lover, Gavin is one of the strongest enforcers in the clan.  His love for his queen is unquestioned and serves in defending her and the clan when other packs decide to poach on their territory.  


Deceptively slender, the dark haired Were is the clan's chief financial officer.  He is deadly quick and perceptive to the weaknesses in others.   Many underestimate his speed and resourcefulness in fighting and have paid the price.  His fierce loyalty to Lizandra is matched only by his devotion to his lover, Quint.


The handsome blond Were is Lizandra's top legal advisor.  When disputes arise with aggressive clans, he lends his expertise of other law.  Charismatic and fun loving, he offers a much needed reprieve when the males in the clan become too aggressive.

Maxine (Max)

The youngest member of the clan, Max is an aspiring actress.  Her rough upbringing on the streets have toughened her.  She has a penchant for dyeing her hair different colors, but is a good friend to Miranda and Lizandra.  Her contacts on the street enable her to obtain information that is crucial to the clan.


The dark haired, sexy musician who often sings at Werehaven.  Often touring with his band, he is usually on the road for several months.  He is Miranda's roommate and trusted friend.  He has many female fans, not the least of which is his queen, who has been known to show favoritism toward those she likes.


The handsome blond computer whiz helps Miranda researching HOL members.  A situation that will put him in a precarious position.  Formerly from California, he maintains his deep tan and is a volleyball enthusiast.  A guitarist, he sometimes sings with his best friend, Orion.


Lizandra's third in command and bodyguard.  She is more sedate than the other Weres, but her fighting skills are strong and her loyalty to Lizandra even stronger.


Lizandra's brother who wears long braids and runs a clothing boutique in Soho.  One of the best enforcers in the clan with his tall, muscular body, he too, serves as one Lizandra's bodyguards.  His BBQ is the best that NY has to offer.


Lizandra's other brother who is a member of the NYPD and a security expert who often advises and plans strategies against clan enemies.