Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

Additional Characters


Blu is a mysterious, yet benevolent ancient that lives below the NYC Public Library.  He is thousands of years old, yet has the facade of a grad student.  Extremely powerful, he hides his true identity from others.  As a former agent of the VHC, he was known as "The Chameleon," because of his many guises.  He guides and advises Miranda through the dangerous waters of the vampire world.

Felicity Walcott 

Felicity is Miranda's mentor at NYU and close friend.  Her heritage is a mystery she has taken steps to keep hidden.  As Blu's companion she is very knowledgeable about vampires. Her family's patronage of the NYC Public Library offers her certain privileges and access to records that many will never know.

Wilson Morgan

Wealthy financier and friend of Valadon.  When the vampires announced their presence in the world, Morgan and his son were the first to offer their support, much to the vexation of the HOL.  His son, Jason Morgan, runs the family business and has the reputation of a playboy, but is a shrewd businessman and one of Valadon's strongest allies.


Once a member of Valadon House, until he broke one of Valadon's directives, the sexy, androgynous vampire enjoys his freedom as a courtesan, taking on clients from various groups.  Long time friend of Remare, he often supplies Valadon's second with valuable information concerning the HOL and other enemies.


Handsome younger brother of Valadon and current ambassador to the VHC, Brandon has lived in Valadon's shadow.  Highly intelligent and cunning, he has garnered his own allies in the VHC.  His alliance with the evil Mulciber will cause Valadon much heartache and distress.  Many underestimate him because "he has the face of an angel," yet the heart of a demon.


Leader of the Rogue vampires, he stays mostly in Nightworld, his underground club for outlaw vampires and assorted others.  If anything illegal is going on in the vampire world, Stryder usually has a hand in it.  He controls his illicit activities just enough not to catch the attention of Valadon's enforcers.