Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

Main Characters

Lord Valadon

Former Minister of Finance for the Vampire High Court (VHC), nearly 1200 years old and a Blueblood—a purebred vampire, Valadon is the handsome, mysterious and powerful CEO of ValCorp and leader of the vampires in NYC.  However, Valadon's attraction to the human, Miranda Crescent, will cause major conflicts as a Blueblood vampire can only mate with another member of vampire royalty.  Yet, Valadon's feelings for Miranda increase with each passing moment.

Miranda Crescent

Professor Miranda Crescent is an authenticator of rare works of art.  While working on one of Valadon's rare paintings she meets the enigmatic and seductive vampire.  She is both attracted to Valadon, yet fears his power, but finds herself being pulled deeper into the hidden world of vampire politics. As an Elemental, she has control over the elements and will use her power to help Valadon defeat his enemies.


Almost 1000 years old and former ambassador to the VHC, Remare is Valadon’s charismatic and sexy second in command.  As leader of the Torians he is ruthless in hunting down Valadon's enemies, but despite his loyalty to his lord, he becomes intrigued with Miranda, who tempts him in ways he never imagined.
Nephew of Lord Valadon, the fun-loving Nick has no interest in either politics or finance. The sensitive, but intelligent Nick enjoys studying art history with Miranda at NYU and living the life of a college student.  However, unknown to his powerful uncle, he has become romantically involved with a female Were, a decision that could cost him his lineage as well as his life.

Lizandra Wells 

Queen of the Black Star Clan of werewolves, Lizandra is one of Lord Valadon's strongest allies and with her army of enforcers she will assist Valadon when necessary.  Her inner circle includes her best friend, Miranda, and her lover Gavin.  She manages the underground sanctuary known as Werehaven, located in Central Park.  Her main concern is the Red Claw Clan, who has made it known they want her territory.  Bring it on!

One of the few turned vampires at ValCorp, Gabriel, a medical doctor, often treats the Torians when they become injured fighting their enemies.  A long time friend of Valadon, the vampire lord turned him when he was near death after an attack by Rogues.  He spends most of his time in his lab searching for a way to reverse the vampire process in hopes of one day becoming human again. His budding relationship with Miranda inspires his hope of success.

Additional Characters

Blu (Guy de Montglat)

Blu is a mysterious, yet benevolent ancient that lives below the NYC Public Library.  He is thousands of years old, yet has the facade of a grad student.  Extremely powerful, he hides his true identity from others.  As a former agent of the VHC, he was known as "The Chameleon," because of his many guises.  He guides and advises Miranda through the dangerous waters of the vampire world.

Felicity Walcott 

Felicity is Miranda's mentor at NYU and close friend.  Her heritage is a mystery she has taken steps to keep hidden.  As Blu's companion she is very knowledgeable about vampires. Her family's patronage of the NYC Public Library offers her certain privileges and access to records that many will never know.


Former High Lord of Paris and king of the vampires until he was treacherously buried for 100 years in an underground chamber. His brother, Julien, along with Montglat will see him reclaim his former glory.


Once a member of Valadon House, until he broke one of Valadon's directives, the sexy, androgynous vampire enjoys his freedom as a courtesan, taking on clients from various groups.  Long time friend of Remare, he often supplies Valadon's second with valuable information concerning the HOL and other enemies.


Handsome younger brother of Valadon and current ambassador to the VHC, Brandon has lived in Valadon's shadow.  Highly intelligent and cunning, he has garnered his own allies in the VHC.  His alliance with the evil Mulciber will cause Valadon much heartache and distress.  Many underestimate him because "he has the face of an angel," yet the heart of a demon.


Leader of the Rogue vampires, he stays mostly in Nightworld, his underground club for outlaw vampires and assorted others.  If anything illegal is going on in the vampire world, Stryder usually has a hand in it.  He controls his illicit activities just enough not to catch the attention of Valadon's enforcers.

The Dark Elemental and Ethereal who teaches Miranda how to control her powers. A formidable ally, her visions enable others to succeed. Often takes the form of an owl.

The Torian Guard
Valadon's Elite Advisors
Valadon's tech wizard and trusted friend. Often serves as Valadon's second in command when Remare is away or on assignment.


The tall, blond Torian is Valadon's 3rd in charge and Remare's sparring partner.  Although taciturn, his golden green eyes miss nothing.  He and his wife, Cyra, are communications experts and have been friends with Miranda for years.  He is well liked by the other Torians for his dry sense of humor. 

One of the oldest Torians, the dark haired vampire is Valadon's chief enforcer.   His instincts are nonpareil earning him the nickname The Bloodhound.  Highly perceptive, he works mainly with Bastien, and together they investigate Valadon's adversaries. An avid NY Rangers fan, he and Bastien coach a young hockey team.


Sexy, but deadly sleuth, Bastien will take on the most furtive cases that not even his fellow Torians will be aware of.  Often putting his life in danger, his cunning in infiltrating enemy territories is respected by the other Torians.  Bastien has secrets that only Valadon is aware of, however, his sacrifices to his lord have cost him dearly.


The youngest member of Valadon's elite fighting force, Tristan is one of the best marksmen in the Torians.  His long, ebony hair is often a source of merriment among his other Torians and his demented sense of humor has been known to get him in trouble.  

His prized possession is his Bugatti motorcycle, but his love affair with a former Torian left deep scars that have yet to heal.


A former Russian agent that Remare was able to procure from a brutal vampire lord.  In gratitude for her liberty, she has served Valadon as one of his best spies.  The beautiful blond vampire is cunning in obtaining information on members of the HOL.  Although called The Ice Queen by her fellow Torians, she has been one of Remare's lovers on and off for decades.


Katya is also a former Russian spy that Remare rescued on a mission that went bad.  Nearly as beautiful as Irina with her dark hair and eyes, but not as cold, the two are often sent on missions together that have never failed.  She is Irina's and Remare's sometime lover, but recognizes a restlessness in Remare that few others have noticed.

Black Star Clan Werewolves

Gavin McCray

Lizandra's second in command, aka The Red Wolf and sometime lover, Gavin is one of the strongest enforcers in the clan.  His love for his queen is unquestioned and serves in defending her and the clan when other packs decide to poach on their territory.  

Brent Dalemont

Deceptively slender, the dark haired Were is the clan's chief financial officer.  He is deadly quick and perceptive to the weaknesses in others.   Many underestimate his speed and resourcefulness in fighting and have paid the price.  His fierce loyalty to Lizandra is matched only by his devotion to his lover, Quint.

Maxine (Max)

The youngest member of the clan, Max is an aspiring actress.  Her rough upbringing on the streets have toughened her.  She has a penchant for dyeing her hair different colors, but is a good friend to Miranda and Lizandra.  Her contacts on the street enable her to obtain information that is crucial to the clan.


The dark haired, sexy musician who often sings at Werehaven.  Often touring with his band, he is usually on the road for several months.  He is Miranda's roommate and trusted friend.  He has many female fans, not the least of which is his queen, who has been known to show favoritism toward those she likes.


The Cajun.  A superb chef and Gavin's best friend and co-commander of Lizandra's forces.  A formidable sparring partner, he is loyal to Gavin and Liz.

Thalia (Tia)

Lizandra's third in command and bodyguard.  She is more sedate than the other Weres, but her fighting skills are strong and her loyalty to Lizandra even stronger.


Lizandra's brother who wears long braids and runs a clothing boutique in Soho.  One of the best enforcers in the clan with his tall, muscular body, he too, serves as one Lizandra's bodyguards.  His BBQ is the best that NY has to offer.


Lizandra's other brother who is a member of the NYPD and a security expert who often advises and plans strategies against clan enemies.

Cyrus Lasker
Lizandra's Alpha. Supreme fighter who dreams of one day becoming king of the the Black Star Clan. Dangerous and cagey, many weres do not trust him.