Diana Marik
The Seven Deadly Veils
Vampire Series
Book 1: Veil of Shadows
Book 2: Veil of Mists
Book 3: Veil of Darkness
Book 4: Veil of Secrets  
Book 5: Veil of Destiny
Book 6: Veil of Honor
Book 7: Veil of Light

Book Reviews:

Veil of Shadows

"Off-the-chart chemistry! The suspense is as dramatic and intense as the action, and paired with Marik's steamy sex scenes, will leave readers satisfied on many levels."   RT Book Reviews

"Ms. Marik has made this new Paranormal World come alive and leave me begging for more."   SiKReviews

"I flipping LOVED this book! I was drawn immediately to the main characters of Veil of Shadows. The characters are edgy, sexy, and intriguing. Her writing style drew me in and kept me fascinated; the suspense kept me on the edge waiting to see what would happen next. Veil of Shadows is fast paced and action packed. I highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance and romantic urban fantasy."  — Comfy Chair Books

The Blue Veil

"Marik's compelling delivery commands readers' attention; the easy, seamless passion and intensity between characters is a welcome companion to a perfect balance of action and suspense." — RT Book Reviews

"The characters are edgy and intriguing. The plot is suspenseful and sexy. I'm drawn into this series and fascinated by the world that Ms. Marik has created." — Comfy Chair Books

Veil of Mists

"I am obsessed with this series! Diana Marik has created a high intensity series that grabs you and doesn't let go."

 Lisa Reigel Reviews

"Danger and deception know no bounds in this riveting installation of the Seven Deadly Veils vampire series. Complex liasons deliver the action and suspense paranormal fans crave." RT Book Reviews