Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

About Diana

Diana Marik is the author of the Seven Deadly Veils Series of vampire books.  She grew up in New York City and has her MA in English literature from Hofstra University.  Before becoming an author, Diana worked at  several different jobs including a counselor at a mental health facility, a clerk at a cosmetics conglomerate and as an educator.

Among Diana's many passions, traveling is her favorite.  She has visited Europe and South America; however, her favorite place to visit is the American Southwest and her home away from home, New Orleans.  Her lifelong love of art history is featured prominently in her books. When not writing, Diana loves discovering museums and libraries in whatever city that she happens to be visiting.  In her leisure time she enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with her friends.

Diana Marik has been a long time fan of romance novels, in particular, paranormal romance novels.  As a former health care professional and educator, she has taught and cherished classical literature for many years.  In her debut novel, she shares her love of the paranormal genre with characters that are compelling, intriguing and downright sexy.  Readers will be left craving more adventures.  With each book secrets are revealed, but more questions arise that will have fans aching for the next installment in the series.

Diana is currently at work on her latest installment of the Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series.




Q:  Will Miranda have her happily ever after?


A:  Yes, I have assured my readers that Miranda will get her HEA.  As for who that lucky person is, I'm not saying, other than she has already met the one who she will wind up with.  Whether or not he will be a popular choice . . . time will tell.


Q:  How many books are you planning for your Seven Deadly Veil Series?  I know it says seven, but will you write more?


A:  Right now my brain can only fathom seven novels, that's why I called it the 7 Deadly Veils series, but who knows?  My friends are already asking for spinoffs and I have several characters in mind for that.


Q:  What gave you the idea for these novels in particular?


A:  After years of watching horror, sci-fi, action movies, and reading countless paranormal romance novels, I thought that it might be fun to shows my friends how my overactive imagination works.  In the beginning, it was just for fun.  Now, it's hard work.  But I strive to make my friends proud of my work and mostly to entertain them.  They're a rough crowd, but they have been my support system and my source of inspiration.


Q:  How long do you normally spend on writing one of your novels?


A:  To write a novel, it usually takes me about 3-4 months, then additional time to edit and revise.  Each novel is different in length so it varies.


Q:  Where do you get your inspiration from? 


A:  The Muses continually inspire me.  Funny you should ask that, though.  Sometimes the Muses sing arias to me when I dream, other times they offer only whispers, and then they just disappear and seem to go on extended vacations.  But thank God, they always come back to me.  And of course, my characters don't let me get much sleep, they are constantly whispering to me they want more page time.  I think you can tell which characters have the loudest voices.

Q:  Who is your favorite hero in The Seven Deadly Veils?  Why?


A:  People always ask me which character is my favorite.  Again, it depends on the book, but Remare seems to hold the biggest part of my heart.  Lately, Orion has been getting snugly with me.  But to tell the truth, each character has his/her own allure, even the villains.


Q:  Who is your favorite villain in The Seven Deadly Veils? Why?


A:  Besides the dreaded HOL, I would have to say Brandon because he has the face of an angel, yet is truly loathsome underneath; the possibilities are endless with him.  In the books to come, there will be other interesting characters to choose from that will rival his evil intentions.


Q:  Who is your favorite secondary character?


A:  At the moment,I would have to say Nick.  I just adore that character, but there are others I find adorable as well.  I have to say, on any given day my tastes change.

Q:  Who is your favorite secondary couple?


A:  I would have to say Lizandra & Gavin.  They make beautiful music together.


Q:  Will all of the major characters survive?


A:  At least one of the major characters will be killed off before the end of the seires.  But I'm not saying who.  No spoilers.