Diana Marik
The Seven Deadly Veils
Vampire Series
Book 1: Veil of Shadows
Book 2: Veil of Mists
Book 3: Veil of Darkness
Book 4: Veil of Secrets  
Book 5: Veil of Death
Book 6: Veil of Blood
Book 7: The Final Veil
The Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series

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Book 1: Veil of Shadows

In the not too distant future post-war ravaged NYC sees the emergence of the VN: Vampire Nation and the seductive, but powerful vampire, Lord Valadon, who, with his elite Torian Guard, rules over the vampires.  Valadon and his financial empire, ValCorp, have worked well with human politicians and law enforcement to help rebuild NYC.  But within the human population there are those who would see the vampires eradicated.  As the attempts to destroy Valadon and all he has built up escalate, enemies begin to surface, in particular one very old enemy that Valadon must face alone.

       Mysterious Miranda Crescent is an Elemental with powers only a few humans possess.  As an art history professor and authenticator, her work brings her into contact with many of New York’s wealthy and powerful beings, notably Valadon.  As she attempts to validate a valuable painting in the home of one of NY’s wealthiest and most powerful families, she overhears a fateful conversation concerning the HOL—the Human Order of Light, whose purpose is the annihilation of the VN.  Does she keep quiet about what she overhears or does she betray her own kind to help Lord Valadon prevent another war from erupting?

      Valadon's trusted second and leader of his Torians, the aristocratic  and charismatic Remare, becomes the nemesis of Miranda Crescent even though their mutual attraction grows with each passing moment.  Putting aside their distrust of each other, Remare and Miranda will work hard to figure out who is trying to murder the high lord.  Each will discover many enemies who have reason to want Valadon dead, but can they put away their suspicions of each other in time enough to save Valadon?

Book 2: Veil of Mists

             In Veil of Mists, Miranda Crescent, an art history professor and Elemental, will travel to Paris to authenticate and procure a rare Degas painting for Lord Valadon, New York's ruling vampire.  While there she will garner an invitation to the home of one of the most notorious vampires in all of Europe: Vivienna, who has become fascinated with Valadon's love interest. Miranda learns that Vivienna has knowledge of the vampire elders who conspire against Lord Valadon and will try to attain the information for the darkly handsome lord, but Vivienna is no easy prey.  She has lived for centuries and enjoys a good game of cat and mouse.  Years ago she was the paramour of Remare and Valadon until she betrayed them both . . . a decision that she has long regretted.  Will she now offer assistance to Valadon . . . or is history set to repeat itself?


             Meanwhile, Remare, Valadon's second in command, will stop at nothing to track down the villain who tried to have the high lord murdered.   Once betrayed by the beautiful Vivienna, he has sworn never to let himself love another, yet his feelings for Valadon's would-be lover, Miranda, increase moment by moment. His quest will bring him dangerously closer to his past, a past he thought he had buried, and old enemies long silent will surface once again to threaten what Remare holds most precious.

Book 3: Veil of Darkness

             When the nephew of the Vampire High Lord Valadon of NY goes missing, he assigns the mission of finding Nickolas to his second in command, Remare, who is known as a ruthless, but intensely sexy investigator.  To assist him in the hunt, he contacts Miranda Crescent, a human who is also an Elemental, and "Friend of the Court" of House Valadon.  Valadon has made his intentions known regarding Miranda:  She is not to be touched by any member of his court.  But as Remare and Miranda work together to find Nick, Remare desires to taste the forbidden fruit, despite the punishment that would be meted out by his lord: death.


             Miranda Crescent was authenticating of one of Valadon’s rare paintings when she met the High Lord Vampire and wishes she never had. In his presence, she too feels the pull of his intense sensuality and power, a power she never wanted to taste.  When his favorite lieutenant, Remare shows up requesting her assistance, she balks at the idea.  Remare has made it well known what he thinks of humans: food to be savored, enjoyed and then discarded.  Although as handsome and sexy as his master vampire, Remare is deadly; a known assassin, and Miranda knows better than to let her increasing attraction to him surface. She decides to search for Nick on her own because if Valadon or Remare ever found out that Nick had become involved with the niece of the local werewolf king, blood would be spilled.  And Miranda does not want it to be hers.