Diana Marik

Author of  The Seven Deadly Veils Series

The Seven Deadly Veils Vampire Series

Book 9 (Series Finale/Complete 2022):  Veil of Light:
     It’s been three years since Miranda Crescent left her home in New York City, sacrificing all that was precious to become the Elemental she was always destined to be. But power comes with a price and much has changed since she’s been gone, including Miranda herself. Learning about the brutal death of a loved one, Miranda vows vengeance on those who have wronged her. A quest that will test the limits of her power and forever change the course of her life.

    Meanwhile, Lord Valadon, King of the Vampires in New York City, has his hands full running his corporation, ValCorp. Since the loss of his greatest ally, and the disappearance of another, he must finally confront the group responsible for the deaths of his people and its leader, Stuart Blackmore, The Regent of the HOL.

     In this final chapter of The Seven Deadly Veil series, old adversaries band together to fight the war that will determine who will prevail and become the supreme power in New York City.
Book 8 2021:  The Were Queen:
     Queen Lizandra of Black Star Clan has ruled over her werewolves for years, defending their territory in New York from all invaders. But one thing has always been true: her love for her former alpha, The Red Wolf, Gavin McCray. When news of an impending war with a rival clan becomes apparent, she sidelines Gavin in favor of a new, dangerous alpha whose strength and fighting ability are unequaled by all others. 

     Gavin McCray has loved Lizandra ever since he became a member of the Black Stars. He thought she felt the same, but when his queen demoted him to beta, he had to accept that he no longer had her favor. Determined to win her back, he plans to show his prowess in the upcoming war with the deadly Red Claws and challenge the new alpha  to claim what is rightfully his--no matter the risk, no matter the cost. 

Book 7 Spring 2020: Veil of  Honor: 

     When his former mentor, Lord Huay lays dying, Remare is summoned back to Japan. While there, Huay exacts a risky promise from his protege: See to it that his final wishes for his successor are carried out, a task Remare will find more complex than he could have imagined and extend his stay in Japan indefinitely. Huay's two sons will fight to the death for the chance to rule their empire, even if that means challenging Remare to a competition he can't possibly win.

     Meanwhile, Miranda grows restless waiting for Remare to return. It's been weeks since he left for the funeral of a friend. How many ceremonies and formal banquets must he attend? Learning Huay's court is rife with dangerous politics  and former allies who can't be trusted, she suspects Remare is being held against his will and requests the help of Lord Valadon to get Remare back. Valadon agrees, but at a cost. A high one as the honor of both houses is now at stake.

Book 6 Fall 2019: Veil of  Orion: 

     Orion is one lucky werewolf. He's handsome, sexy, and his fame is soaring. He has more financial security than he's ever known traveling the world performing his music. He loves the stage and his fans adore him. Life is good. He should be ecstatic. But he's not. Loneliness grates. The one thing he doesn't have is the acceptance of the love of his life, his best friend, Bastien, who he just might have to give up his career to be with.

     Sebastien de Rosemont is an Elite vampire operative who thrives on the adventurous and dangerous life of a Torian.  That is until he realizes the charming and seductive werewolf, Orion, makes him feel more alive than any mission he's ever completed. Long ago he gave up his title and status as a vampire aristocrat to serve High Lord Valadon in New York. There was only one stipulation: He has to produce an heir. Now he must choose where his loyalty truly lies: With his lineage or with the one he loves.

Book 5 March 2019: Veil of  Destiny: 

     While vacationing in London, Miranda and Remare learn of an old book that may have clues to the destiny of Others, The Book of Origins.  Encountering allies as well as adversaries, their search will take them from ancient libraries to London's darker sections and to an old castle whose eccentric inhabitant may know more than he is willing to impart.

     Haunted by dreams, Miranda has long yearned to discover her Elemental heritage and uncover secrets concerning her abilities. But some secrets are never meant to be unveiled and may destroy what she holds sacred. Remare agrees to help Miranda, but fears their search may arouse the interest of an old enemy bent on revenge. He will do all he can to keep his partner protected from the forces trying to drive them apart.

     However, the fates may have diffferent plans: A destiny neither one of them never imagined nor desired.

Book 4: Veil of  Secrets:

     Caught in Queen Margritte's snare and forced to wed someone he loathes, Lord Valadon King of the Vampires of New York, enlists the aid of two of his most powerful allies to thwart the plans of the Queen of All Vampires. Learning that his son survived, but unable to ascertain his whereabouts, he will call upon his friends to locate the one person who can stop his upcoming marriage.

     Meanwhile, Ramare's return is hardly what Miranda has been dreaming about. With her associationn with Guy de Montglat revealed, her relationships with Remare and Valadon are strained. If she wants to keep her dreams alive, she will have to choose who to give her oath of loyalty--to her own bloodline or to the vampire who holds her heart.

     Everyone has secrets, right? Remare knows this, but the secrets Miranda has been keeping from him threaten to tear them apart. Only through trust can their love survive. Now he must find a way to earn her trust or risk losing her forever. A situation that will not bode well for House Valadon.

Book 3: Veil of Darkness:

     In  When Nickolas Valadon, nephew of the High Lord of New York, goes missing amidst other abductions by the Human Order of Light, the task of finding Nick goes to Remare. Known as a ruthless, but sexy investigator, Remare contacts the Elemental, his former lover, Miranda Crescent, to assist in the hunt. As they work together, his desire increases to the point where he will defy the devil himself to have her—despite the punishment that will be meted out, death.

     Having been forsaken because of Remare's fealty for High Lord Valadon, Miranda distrusts the dashing vampire she once fell for, even though she still yearns for his sensual touch. During their search, Miranda will discover secrets about her Elemental origins and ancestry that may threaten her status at House Valadon.

     However, burning desire is not easily denied and feelings long buried intensify to searing heights. In a world turned chaotic by the HOL, Miranda and Remare will risk the vengeance of the High Lord to be together and discover a world of passion neither has ever known before. But passion comes with a price and secrets, no matter how well-guarded, never stay hidden for long.

Book 2: Veil of Mists:

     Miranda Crescent, an art authenticator, travels to Paris to procure a rare Degas painting for New York’s High Lord Vampire, Valadon. Unaware, she’s being used to lure his enemies into the open, Miranda will garner an invitation to the home of one of the most notorious vampires in all of Europe: Vivienna, who has become interested in Valadon’s love interest. Vivienna has knowledge of the elders who are conspiring against Lord Valadon and Miranda will try to attain the information for the darkly handsome lord, but Vivienna is no easy prey. She has lived for centuries and enjoys a good game of cat and mouse. Once the paramour of Remare and Valadon until she betrayed them both—a decision she has long regretted. Will she now offer assistance to Valadon—or is history set to repeat itself?


     Meanwhile, Remare, Valadon's second will use all his resources to track down the traitor who tried to murder his friend. Once betrayed by the beautiful Vivienna, he has worn never to let himself love another, yet his feelings for Miranda are becoming harder to deny. He soon realizes his quarry is in Paris and enemies long silent will surface once again to threaten what Remare holds most precious.

Book 1.5:  The Blue Veil:

     When one of High Lord Valadon's rare paintings goes missing Remare enlists the help of Professor Miranda Crescent, an art authenticator and Elemental,  to help locate the stolen work of art. Knowing the dark side of vampire politics, Miranda is reluctant to offer any assistance to the vampire who once tried to kill her, no matter how sexy and alluring he may be. 

     Their search will lead them to Nightworld, home of the Rogue vampires and a confrontation with Stryder, the dangerous leader of the Rogues. Remare and Miranda will enter the dangerous world of underground auctions here only the very rich and powerful procure "lost" works of art. Making their search more difficult is the rising heat between the vampire and the Elemental, whose attraction may turn out to be more lethal than the adversaries they meet.

Book 1: Veil of Shadows:

     Lord Valadon, CEO of ValCorp and leader of New York's vampires, has become fascinated with Miranda Crescent, a human woman with powers only Elementals possess. As his enemies conspire against him, he becomes drawn to her, but knows any involvement with Miranda will only endanger her life because within the human population exists the Human Order of Light, a powerful hate group, who would see the eradication of the vampires.

     Miranda Crescent is an authenticator of rare works of art who isn't afraid of danger. her best friend is the Were Queen and her mentor is a vampire ancient. At first, resistive to Valadon's charms, she will rish her life to bring him the information he needs to thwart his enemies.

     But Valadon's second, the sexy and sarcastic Remare, believes Miranda is a member of the HOL working to destory his lord. The chemistry between them quickly escalates as they search for those plotting against Valadon. Putting aside their distrust of each other, Remare and Miranda work hard to discover who is trying to murder the high lord. But Remare's first loyalty is to his lord. He can't allow himself to care for someone Valadon has marked as his own...or can he?